Monday, July 1, 2013

You are invited to suggest how we can spread the "Vision" Speech by John Corlette (given in July 1973)

A blog is a plot of digital real estate that invites comments.  A blog post made in 2000 lingers for years. It is hoped that you, the reader of this post, will visit some of the links below and will return with some comments.

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You can contact the founder of the Society

YOUTUBE channel
Description of the JC Society

The Speech, part 1 (audio)
The Speech, part 2 (audio)

IB remembers John Corlette (part 1)

IB remembers the teasing incident (part 2)

IB remembers meditations (part 3)

The WikiPedia article (posted by IB)

You can download the speech FREE here
(Many thanks to IB for demonstrating how to use Google Drive to share documents)

Obituary of John Corlette

You are invited to make comments below or contact the blog guy to arrange for your comments to be posted as a blog post.

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  1. The JC Society has received some positive comments about its effort to spread the Speech (and expose it to every parent on the planet... can we have some help with translation, please?). You can see some of the comments below:

    THIS COMMENT came from former student Wes Green:
    You guys surely have considered the great challenges you face in making the case for JC in 2013, ¿no? Corlette placed such great emphasis on things spiritual. Clearly, he thought development of the "soul" was an essential part of education, and the Aiglon of our day was imbued with that philosophy. Today "spiritual" = "religious," and that's a no-fly zone in the current Zeitgeist. Of course, any sort of rank system also would be extremely controversial in a world that is increasingly egalitarian. And certainly feel free to share my views, for what they're worth.